Why I Decided to Adopt the Paleo Lifestyle

During all of my extensive research, I read that the autoimmune protocol (AIP) was a great choice. I also read that simply gluten free or dairy free (or both) was good enough. I even saw going vegan was the best choice to manage hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s symptoms.

I went from eating whatever I wanted when I wanted to AIP cold turkey. I ate AIP for two weeks max. For someone who has a sugar addiction and zero self-control, this was a very limited way of eating. I resented it. That’s not to say it doesn’t work. I’m sure it does, but at this time, I’m not able to commit to AIP. Hats off to those who can do it!

I decided to put my big girl pants on and take control of my eating habits. I do know that my body reacts negatively to dairy and gluten. That is a fact. Was it worth eating gluten and dairy? Was the bloat, gas, swelling, and cramps really worth it? Rational me said no. Irrational me was sad to let those things go. I did it anyway. Thank God for Pinterest.

After more searching and reading, I settled on the Paleo diet. I like how versatile the compliant foods are. I do try to be mindful and listen to my body. I start the day by taking my thyroid medicine early. I always wait the recommended hour before consuming anything other than water. I personally feel that the longer my medicine has time to absorb, the better, so sometimes it’s more like 3-4 hours of a wait (sleeping, of course 😉).

I have never been fond of breakfast. I don’t like waking up and eating right away, but I do like coffee! I drink coffee mixed with collagen peptides and compliant almond milk. Cutting the sweeteners was not that hard.

Lunch is when I eat breakfast-y type meals. I keep it simple. I usually eat 2 cage-free eggs cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper. If I’m needing more substance, I will make a hash with diced sweet potato, onions, kale, and garlic, then put my eggs on top of that. Sometimes lunch is left overs from the night before’s dinner.

Dinner is more creative and where Pinterest comes in. I do like to make a lot of different cuisines. I like Asian-inspired, Mexican-inspired, and Middle Eastern-inspired Paleo dishes.

Since I started eating Paleo, I have noticed a drastic initial weight loss, like 6 pound in the first week. It was mostly water weight and inflammation, but still nice to see that number go down. I also noticed after two weeks, less fatigue. I haven’t taken a nap in about a month. That little hair under my chin? Haven’t seen him in a while either. I don’t expect my symptoms to be gone (or minimized) in a few months or even a year. I do expect to have some bad days, but hoping for mostly good days. So far, it has been mostly good.

A word of advice: please don’t weigh yourself more than once a week. Your weight WILL fluctuate. Rational me knows about weight fluctuation. Irrational me wonders if I’m doing this for nothing. I quickly shake myself out of that mental rut and keep going. This is not a temporary diet with scale goals. This is a way of life. Eating Paleo is helping me with much more than weight loss. I feel more energized. I feel that I have fewer sugar cravings. My skin is clearing up. I can wear pants with buttons. It’s definitely worth it.

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