Exercising With Thyroid Disease

We all know that exercising is vital to your health. There’s no way around it. However, if you have Thyroid Disease, not all workouts are beneficial. In fact, certain types of exercise may do more harm than good.

Two years ago, I was in the gym almost 5 days a week. I was training on the elliptical and treadmill for 20 minutes on a “mountain” setting – justdoing as much cardio as I could handle. I was doing something really good for myself…or so I thought.

When I was finished with each workout, I went home feeling exhausted! I originally thought that indicated a good workout. However, even after several months, I never felt stronger. My symptoms would be over the top. I had excessive bloating, fatigue, and I was constantly sore. I eventually wanted to go less and less. I was becoming discouraged because cardio is supposed to be good, right? Why was I continually gaining weight and feeling horrible?

When it comes to having Thyroid Disease, you are not making enough T4 and T3 (energy) on your own to function normally, let alone doing cardio 5 days a week.

I gave myself grace. I decided to cancel my membership with that gym and turn to YouTube. I wanted to find something that would be gentle, yet effective. I found Pilates!

There was no class near my home that worked with my schedule at the time, so I regularly did Pilates workouts on YouTube by The Balanced Life.

At first, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. If I didn’t feel sore and exhausted after a Pilates sesh, it must not have been enough. It took me a while to really adapt to cutting the high intensity cardio, but I did start feeling better and STRONGER.

Since starting Pilates, I feel that the quality of my workouts has been better. It’s safer for my muscles and joints. The workouts are normally 10-15 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes max. I’ve now added yoga to the mix. It feels great to do both low-impact, yet effective workouts. I no longer feel fatigued, or sore, and since combining these low-impact exercises with the Paleo lifestyle, I no longer feel bloated.

Another benefit from Pilates and yoga is that these workouts reduced my stress over time. Most of us with Thyroid Disease have adrenal fatigue, myself included. Pilates and yoga, together, have helped me gently regain strength and energy. I don’t feel like chores around the house are as daunting and exhausting. I actually feel the desire to walk around the neighborhood now.

Since switching up my routine from high intensity cardio to Pilates and yoga, I feel an overall sense of wellness. The strength and energy that I get from doing these exercises encourages me to keep going.

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