5 Tips for Living a Paleo Lifestyle Surrounded by People Who Don’t

You made the decision to embrace the Paleo lifestyle. Yay! Congratulations! There’s just one thing – you’re the only one in your household or circle (or both) doing it. Not gonna lie. That can be challenging if you are not prepared. I have a few words of advice for thriving on Paleo when it feels like you’re the only one doing it.

1. You be the meal planner and the cook. Personally, I cook Paleo main dishes and if needed, I make non-Paleo sides for others, such as my husband and kids. I like to make a lot of skillet dinners or stews and serve them over cauliflower rice for myself and regular rice for the rest for my family.

2. Of course, that doesn’t always work out. Life is busy and you may not always be able to cook. This is a good time for a back up plan. I suggest setting aside a portion or two of what you do cook and freeze it for a quick meal when you need it. If hubby and kids want take-out, reach for an already prepped meal and pop it in the microwave. *Meal prepping once a week is fabulous for taking meals to work. Don’t forget snacks!

3. Learn which local restaurants will accommodate you. If you are going out with your family or having a night out with friends, don’t be shy to suggest places you already know will be Paleo-friendly.

4. Find a tribe. The internet and social media can be wonderful if you use them wisely. Facebook has many groups for people who live a Paleo lifestyle. There are also Whole30 groups. Find people who understand you and don’t be afraid to connect.

5. It’s ok to be selfish. You are the only one who can take the best care of you. You made the choice to eat and live this way to help your own quality of life. No one can do it better than you, even with the best intentions. Distance yourself from any negativity. Set yourself up for success!

There you have it – 5 tips for successfully staying Paleo when it feels like you’re the only one. Put these words of advice in action and set yourself up to accomplish your health goals.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Living a Paleo Lifestyle Surrounded by People Who Don’t

  1. Thanks for this! It can be hard to adapt a lifestyle to a certain health need at first, but with time it becomes your bread and butter. So inspirational!

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