Off the Beaten Path…Thyrovanz!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. This is is not a sponsored post. I have no affiliation with Thyrovanz. All opinions are my own.

Here in the thyroid world, particularly for those of us who take NDTs (Natural Desiccated Thyroid), it may look like a bumpy future.

I had been taking an NDT called Nature Throid since January of this year and started feeling better (paired with lifestyle changes) and now, since certain lots of Nature Throid (and NP Thyroid) have been RECALLED, I had been in a rut for about a month.

I called my pharmacy to ask if my particular lot# was defective and they said that one was not. Cool. But…I only had a few left! So I called my doctor to ask her if I needed to switch medications or what she thought was best. She ended up ordering Nature Throid for me again. Not so shockingly, my pharmacy does not have any in stock. They had to “special order it”. I’ve been getting text messages weekly saying it is still not in stock. Duh. It’s recalled.

Given the circumstances, instead of going in circles with my doctor, I decided to try something new (for me). I decided to try a supplement called Thyrovanz. Thyrovanz is a bovine-sourced NDT. This is wonderful, personally, because my family does not eat pork (unless medically necessary). If there is an option that I can feel good about, not just physically, but spiritually, I’m all for trying it out. Equally as wonderful, I purchased my bottles directly from their site. I did not need a prescription. I am now a week into taking Thyrovanz and hoping to see an improvement soon.

Note: Thyrovanz is categorized as a supplement, not a medication. To learn more about Thyrovanz, I recommend visiting their website.

Thyrovanz Bovine Thyroid Glandular Dietary Supplement 50 mg
Thyrovanz Bovine Thyroid Glandular Dietary Supplement 50 mg

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