Pregnancy and Thyroid Disease

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Hello, all! It’s been a minute and for a legit reason – I’m pregnant! I am now 20 weeks along (4.5 months). It has been quite an experience this time around (#3).

I’ve had an irregular cycle for years. When I say irregular, I mean 45- to 70-day cycles. Getting pregnant this time around was extremely difficult. My last two were fairly quick. This time around, I officially have Hashimoto’s Disease and my thyroid levels have been absolutely crazy!

Last year was a big journey trying to figure out exactly what medication worked best for me. I went from starting Nature Throid in January 2020, which then was recalled in September. I was so bummed about it because I was doing quite well on it. I tried taking Thyrovanz, which is a desiccated thyroid supplement (not medication) and that raised my Reverse T3 way too high. Many people do well on Thyrovanz, but it’s not for everyone. Finally, in December, I was prescribed Armour. I feel like this time, it just might be the best fit. Of course, I started taking Armour about 3-4 weeks before getting a positive pregnancy test, so finding the right dose has been nerve-racking.

I’m so grateful for being able to become pregnant since my thyroid health has declined since my mid-20s. My first trimester from 7+ weeks was quite a challenge. I had severe morning sickness and aversions to basically everything. Thankfully, from week 14 to now, morning sickness has slowed down immensely and I can finally eat again. Yay!

I did have a thyroid-related scare in January. Because I had just started taking Armour at that time, my thyroid levels were still not great. I had to get an initial blood draw for my OB/GYN and my TSH was 9.6! I had always read that TSH being above 3 while pregnant was super dangerous. I was freaking out! My endocrinologist did raise my dose and thankfully, my levels were much better by the next test.

I am still trying to get my thyroid levels balanced. My last blood draw was March 29 and the results definitely explain the constant exhaustion, aside from being pregnant. Below.

My OB/GYN raised my Armour dose this time, as my endocrinologist was out of the country. Still an uphill battle, but baby and I are giving it all we’ve got!

Aside from thyroid medication, prenatal supplements are super important. Admittedly, I’ve never been tested for the MTHFR mutation, but I decided to take a prenatal vitamin that contained methylated folate, just in case. You can read more about MTHFR here. I also have a vitamin D deficiency, so I do take prescription vitamin day once a week, plus a prenatal DHA supplement. (Please note: I’m not an expert or giving advice. I’m just letting you know what worked for me. Always ask your midwife or OBGYN for any medical advice.)

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4 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Thyroid Disease

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your journey! Just had my second baby and am having possible thyroid testing. Will definitely be checking out your posts to learn more if I get a thyroid diagnosis!


  2. Having an overactive thyroid is so tiring I can’t imagine how that feels being pregnant as well.
    My thyroid went haywire when I was 32 and I had 75% of it removed. Not had a problem since. Thankfully.
    Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes off without a hitch.


  3. Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing this meaningful post. My husband and I are newlyweds and have started discussing having children. Not sure what lies ahead but I find value in learning about what others have gone through. Thanks again!


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