Baby is Here!

Hey, friends! It’s been a blissful and overwhelming time over here. We welcomed our baby girl on September 2nd. She’s absolutely perfect! She came with some special surprises too. Our sweet girl was born with bilateral microtia (under developed ears) and a cleft palate (just the palate).

It has been a completely new learning experience. She’s still a happy, healthy baby and we love her bunches! The biggest difference from when my older two kiddos were babies is bottle feeding. We have been using special bottles from Dr. Brown’s that come with a small valve to help baby “munch” milk out of the bottle. Babies with a cleft palate lack the vacuum-like suction needed for nursing, so that was a big (emotional) change. Most importantly, however, she is thriving and happy.

Dr. Brown’s Specialty Bottles

Finding the right formula was not an easy task. I breastfed my older two, so I ended up using what the hospital provided for her. I also attempted to pump, but was never able to get more than a few ounces a day. We ended up opting for an organic formula brand, but that caused severe constipation, even the sensitive formula, most likely caused by the palm oil. After doing some research, we landed on one with no palm oil and it’s great. I might go into more detail on that in another post.

Rewind to when I was around 30 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was so torn up and felt like I failed because I was doing everything I could to be healthy. However, I did learn that it has to do with the hormones in the placenta, not mom’s diet. That was slightly more comforting. Then came all the pokes (ALL. THE. POKES.) to make sure my blood sugar levels were good. That gave me a bit of anxiety because I didn’t want baby’s blood sugar too high. My fasting blood sugars (right when waking up) were higher than the doctor liked (100-115), so I was prescribed Glyburide, which at least wasn’t an injection. That helped a bit, but sometimes made be super low (60s down to 40s). It was a literal roller coaster, but we made it! Baby girl was born and passed her blood sugars the 3rd time (after formula the first time, then a glucose gel the second time).

The only thing I wish I did differently was push harder for a second VBAC. My doctor was against it, especially after the gestational diabetes diagnosis. She said the baby could get too big, which I figured was just to convince me a c-section would be best. I didn’t buy it, but according to her, VBAC was not an option anymore. By the end, I really just wanted my baby out so I didn’t have to worry so much about her blood sugar levels.

As for my thyroid, I stuck with Armour and went up to 130 mcg. I have yet to get it checked again, but my levels stayed pretty stable. I actually ended my pregnancy weighing less than when my pregnancy began. I was super consistent with staying lower carb and checking my sugar levels. I was NOT purposely losing weight while pregnant. I’m still continuing to lose weight doing a Keto-ish and walking. I’m just starting to add workouts back into the mix. You can follow along on my post-baby weight loss journey on Insta.

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